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Day 8 - May 10

Ok, so NOW I know what we were driving up last night! We are on a hill, surrounded by mountains! I mean HUGE mountains. Below us is a lake (hence Cedar Lake Country Resorts). All around us...wildlife. Why? Because this is a wild life preserve. LOL. Wow! It is gorgeous here. Clean, pretty, amazing views, nice people.

We woke up, checked in at reception and found out that there are waterfalls and rainforests around here. Oh and an old volcano. Sounds like we need to do some adventuring, right? Well before all that we decided to just drive around and look for some place to eat. Well folks let me tell you, people don't eat around here, and when they do, its $60 a person for lunch!!! We punched in local restaurants in the GPS and it told Ken to turn right here, left there, and before I knew it we were driving up one of the HUGE mountains! Oh and, the roads are one laned each way AND no railing. Now let me put this all together for you. The steering wheel is on the right side of the car, I'm terrified of heights, there's no railing on mountain, AND they drive on the left side of the road here. Soooo add that all up and you get freaking out Syndi looking down at the bottom of the mountain, gripping the crap out of the door handle and telling Ken to slow down to 40Km instead of 80 that he was doing. Of course he felt fine and comfortable driving up the winding paths, but I couldn't take it and asked him to take us back down. According to the GPS we were only 1/2 way to our destination, so this would have continued for another 7Kms. NO way!!!!!! So we turned around and went back down. This wasn't so bad because I had a mountain on my side of the car now. lOL.

So we drove and drove and went to 3 different places that the GPS said were restaurants, cafe's, etc. and there weren't any in those locations. Hmmm, so we saw a sign for surfer's paradise and thought, "surely there are places to eat along the beach." We never made it to the beach because FINALLY we found a sign that said "Cafe or Catering." Ken had a steak sandwich, I had a spinache ricotta roll of sorts and pumpkin salad. Mine wasn't that good. Not sure why, but blech!

After lunch, yes we finally found that place around 1:30 we walked around Harvey Normans (equivalent to Best Buy i think) cause Ken was hoping to buy a new phone. That idea changed real quick because our $30 cell phones are about $300 here. LOL

We went back to the resort and walked around the grounds a bit so Ken could throw his new boomerang. We saw free flying cockatoos, ducks, geese, several other kinds of birds, lots of trees, flowers, plants. No other wildlife really.

Before it got too late we decided to do some grocery shopping. Again, searching and searching. Asked someone where the nearest Coles was and they told us just down the road thru 2 roundabouts, blah blah blah. We found it, spent a good 45 mins getting all our food for the week and left. As we were leaving we saw a sign for Aldi's!!!! Figures, right? As soon as finish buying everything we see something recognizable AND reasonable. LOL. {sigh} Oh well, live and learn.

We came back to the resort and made some dinner:

Ken fried up some Kangaroo meat for himself (I almost thru up at the smell), and I had a veggie dog. I made some pasta from a packet and it tasted like cardboard. The only real saving grace was the sauteed onions and salad. I'm having a hard time with the food here. Ken of course is loving everything, but he usually does, unless its cheesecake or roast. LOL.

I tried to contact my Mum, but I think it was too early in the morning in America. Then I tried to stay awake until she woke up and just couldn't. Ken was asleep at 9pm and I was out by 10pm.

I think if we call them early in the morning here, it will be later in the afternoon almost early evening there. Boy this time difference is a little hard to manage. :o)

Ok good night.

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