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Las Vegas - the smog city!

This was an awful drive



But the tour of the Ethyl M chocolate factory was well worht...

M -- as in Mars. Aunt Ethyl had her own private chocolate...

Anne was ga-ga

There were sayings like this all over the tour.


We visited on Friday at noon when the production had shut down.

BUT the store was open!

"How many pounds will we buy?"

Their ice cream was!!!!


There is a cactus garden outside. Anne has the treasures!

The flowers were beautiful.



Moonrise at the campground

May 1, Friday

With three days to get to Yosemite, we headed down the interstate through Las Vegas with a stop at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory - this is the world's best chocolate! And we discovered that their ice cream is unbelievable. The chocolate made up for the awful drive and construction and accident delays through the city. The we headed north to Pahrump, NV as a jumping off point for Death Valley. We had picked Charleston Peak RV Resort from reviews and Woodall's guide, so we were surprised to be greeted by a "members only" from the receptionist - but that quickly turned to "how did you hear about us?" to "OK, $30 for the night"! It was very nice, complete with winery with piped music like a mortuary, and excellent facilities.

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