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Silk worm breeding

Fukien pagoda

Japanese covered bridge

Streets in Hoi An

Doin it the local way

Carols threading experience

Working in the rice paddies

Offering to Buddha for the ancestors

Shopping heaven! And its just the luvliest wee place, wee quanit streets, unchanged for hundreds of years. Great shops(did i mention that?). A few touristy places to go, Japanese covered bridge, chinese halls, and the markets and the shops. Every 2 shops there is a tailors, where they can make anything u want, and lots of things you dont! We got huckled on the way to the place where they actually breed silk worms by Flor. Thinking we had shaken her off we went to see the process of silk worm to luvly material! And proceeded to get a couple of things made there with the massive chioce of material.

Wandering back along, Flor was waiting!! She dragged us off to the cloth market where we were extremely dubious by this time. But lo and behold, there are more rolls of material in there than I've ever seen, Next Catalogues from this years back as long as they go, and various other designers catalogues lying!

We had nothing to lose by this time so proceeded to order up a variety of clothes, some of which we designed(badly) ourselves, tops in next costing GBP30, we were getting for GBP6/7. We had to wait a few hours to see the finished results. We got dragged from there to the beauty therapists shop- lean to hut at the edge of the market where I was trying to get only a haircut. Carol got the threading experiment on her legs. Basically that means using a bit of thread and plucking out hairs with it! It works, and its not as sore as waxing apparently! carols threading experience was long, took over an hour, meanwhile I had manaaged to be persuaded to have a manicure, pedicure, underarm thread, oww, and a hard skin removal on my feet which involved the mad ladies taking an open razor to ma feet. Didnae hurt but it tickled a bit, Carol commented that ma feet changed colour!! She was so impressed that after her threading she went for the deid skin stuff as well!! Meanwhile all this was going on and we were in the lean to shed with their mates wandering in and out and all the locals in the market privy to front row seats if they so wished! Wouldnae do to be shy!

Then we were off to the shoe makers with oor pics out of this years next catalogue, all going well, so we paid up and left having paid 9GBP a pair for 40GBP next originals! All due to be ready later on that day.

Clothes were a total success, so good that we ordered more, shoes were a disaster, the girl spoke no english, we had paid and the shoes were a disaster an we were leaving in the morning.......

That night in the streets there were lots of offerings to the buddha from all the local houses and businesses. On the 15th day of the lunar month people make an offering up to theri dead ancestors and burn paper money and paper clothes. Offerings to the Buddha are on we altar tyoe things with fruit, burning incense, sometimes beer. On the 15th lunar day in Hoi An the people float paper lanterns down the river and switch off all modern electrical appliances! But we missed that by 14 days :(

Next day bak to pick up more clothes and the shoe shop was shut!!!! But, after a few words in oor designers ear she shot off to her house made her come out and open up shop. With promises of making another set of shoes and promising to deliver in Hue, 3hrs away we left her highly suspicious!!

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