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Nijo Castle, Kyoto

Cherry Blossom

Me n some cherry blossom

Japanese school girls

Walking round the Shoguns gardens

Shrine in the middle of shopping arcade

old and new together in Kyoto

Apprentice Geisha

Another Meiko


Streets in Gion, Kyoto

Japanese vending machines

Arrival in Kyoto in yet another huge and impressively clean station.

Had no accodation booked, and a was, by this time, thouroughly sick of lugging around the luggage, went for the easy option suggested to us by a loud, embarrassing american of the comfort inn 5min from station.

Proved to be the same price as last nights ryokan, Y12500. about 60GBP.

And pretty comfy, clean and central, 10mins from station, not traditional style, but still.... Happy days

Next day we were off to the streets of Kyoto, started off at the Nijo Temple which was once the home of a Shogun. It was amazing, had to take our shoes off on the way in and walk in socks round the temple. This way we could hear the nightingale floors, every time you stepped on a floorboard it squeaked and soubded surprisingly enuff like a bird. Something to do with the clamps below the floor, made it give off this noise, to attract the attention of any unwanted intruders. Unfortunately there were bus laods of japanese school kids(as we saw throughout the whole day), all there as well, so the peace and tranquility wasnt really there, still luvly tho... And it was very amusing seeing the kids in their identical uniforms, matching hats_(the wee ones had on wee yellow caps for the boys and sunhats for the girls), posing for pics, ALLLLLL the time!!! Every kid had a camera, even if it was just your disposable from Konica! Dinnae get that reputation for nothing!

Then the gardens.....saw all the cherry blossoms, how luvly, it is just so beautiful, aparently the season is just finished.

After we finished at the temple a bit of shopping therapy was just the business, dinnae want to get too templed oot on our first few days......

Could just buy and buy, they have so much culture, ninja, samurai, shogun, geisha....... Started hunting for my samurai sword that im gonna buy, saw a few possibilities, probably dont have the time to go and see the man from Okinawa this trip!

Found 2 immense shopping streets, and a shop where they were selling Galia melons for 15GBP, that has to be THE most expensive melon I eva saw!

Apparently its out of season, thats the reason! Never complain about ASDA prices of fruit!

There is loads of bakeries which we were a bit shocked at with cakes n pies to rival Mathies. Mmmmmm, too tasty.

Also just incase while shopping thinking only about yourself there are loads of wee shrines there to detract your line of thinking back to the peace and wellbeing of all men, at least thats what I was thinking about wen I visited the shrines n temples!

It alls seems to be together in harmony.

Went up to Gion the old part of Kyoto in the vain hope of spotting a few geisha, but as luck would have it wen visiting the temple there was 2(think they were apprentices, laddies we call them in oor work!), posing on a foto shoot. Muscled in and got a few pretty pics of my own, couldnae believe ma luck :)

That made my day.....

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