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Flying in to Cairns

Cape Tribulation beach

Posing in the hotel

Ready to dive


Sub Aqua!

Wee yellow fish

Funky Coral


Auntie snorkelling

More cool coral

and more...

Fishes on the reef

Blue Fish

More cool fish

And Coral

Best pic so far

Angel Fish

Colourful wee birds






Me n Auntie K

Andy I Luv U :)


Northern Queensland Coast

Great Barrier Reef from the air

Ah ha, leaving South Queensland, 1hr 45 landed us in Northern Queensland. Getting off the plane you knew you were in the tropics, the smell, the heat..... was just luvly :)

Tho we were saddened to see rain clouds in teh distance, which did open up on us, being the wet season up here tho I guess that comes wit the territory.

Hired a car, smallest one available so we could savour the delights of northern queensland ourselves.

Headed up to Cape Tribulation 1hr45 in car from Port Douglas, crossing the Daintree River on teh small car ferry.

Stopped at the beach at Cape Tribulation which was just amazing, tho sadly cannot enter the sea as deadly marine stingers lurk the shores waiting for unsuspecting tourists to enter the water and be stung within an inch of their life. So it was a sandy visit, but luvly....

The day finished off with a trip to Cairns(my suggestion). Attracted by the cut out of a Japanese man in the doorway we entered the OK gift shop. Little did I know we were to spend the next hour in this shop as my auntie stalked all the Japanese shoppers and assistants in the shop practicing her few words of Japanese. Happy once she got a man to comment on how good her Japanese was we left, her grasping a snoring Koala, and hopping Kangaroo.

The journey home, by this time was in pitch darkness, after stopping to ask for directions for the hundredth time I managed to get the fright of my life when the lady who put us on the right road, scared me witless with stories of suicide kangaroos attacking tourists driving the 60km back up the dark coastal road to Port Douglas, attracted by car lights. Oh dear oh dear, why didnt we pay the extra $12 to get the insurance waiver.....

The next hour was spent with both sets of eyes fixed on the road looking for beady kangaroo eyes waiting for us in order to damage our (very very small) car, cost us thousands of dollars in damage fees, and dead kangaroo to boot, and we werenae even hungry enuff to eat it. Sweating by teh time we reached Port Dougla, but happily car and us and all North Queensland kangaroos in one piece we headed off to bed.

The next day we were off to visit the Great Barrier Reef, where I was going diving and auntie was snrkelling. We headed off in brilliant sunshine, but by the time we sailed for about an hour and a half to the first stop, it had clouded over and there was no sun :(

Never mind, weight belts and tanks and all that stiff on, we headed into teh water, like going into a bath, it was lovely and warm, mmmmm. The coral was just amazing, and the colours of the fishes, so colourful, and a lot of them were iridescent, it was just amazing.Although, because the storm clouds had came in a bit, the colour of the water wasnt as clear as it could have been.

Dived twice, and snorkelled once, must get ma PADI certification, luv it so so much, the dives werent long enuff . Went with a company called Calypso, it was pretty hard to choose a company as there was so many , but were advised that they took you to three dive sites, and there wouldnt be too many people on the boat, there was probably about 40-50 which was a really good number, esp when in the water you didnt turn and see a hundred other people, just wee fishes!!

The last day in Port Douglas started with Breakfast with the Birds at a local animal sanctuary. A luvly breakfast was laid out, I was in heaven when I realised they had my favourite fruit of all time, recently discovered in Chile, chirimoya, known to the aussies as custard apple. Gorged out on all the fresh tropical fruit, was in heaven, never gonna look at the asda fruit stand the same way again! The birds included wee colourful ones(oops, didnt catch their name), and cockatoos, which had a habit of stealing toast off peoples tables, sadly ours wasnt one of them....

Then a wander round to see all the local wildlife was in order, the old koalas, kangaroos etc.....

Then a last laze in the sun before I entered the Northern Hemisphere again, and the Australia story finishes for now.....

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