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Napalese Temple, Brisbane

Out with the family, Neil, Denise, Nathan, Michelle, Kathleen and me

Discussing jaywalkers?!?

Back at Nathan and Michelles pad

Leaving Brisbane

Well, after a gruelling 3 leg journey to Australia, I arrived in Brisbane fairly fresh ready to taste the Sunshine Coast! Unfortunately the Sunshine Coast was more like the west coast of Skye on a February morning, grey drizzley morning greeted me :(

Met all the commuting traffic, inc the school kids, dressed in their uniforms, consisting of, in some cases, big wide brimmed hats and park ranger outfits, and girls in matching dresses. Hmmm,,,different.

Had a luvly welcome from our extended family, the Priors, so felt like we had actually arrived home. Went out for a tasty Indian on South Bank(nice pedestrian area with cafes n bars n restaurants next to the river in Brisbane).

During the evening the rules and regulations of visiting the state of Queensland were explained to us briefly, the main points being-

1. DO NOT jay walk, liable to get fined

2. DO NOT smoke within 50m(dont quote me on this!?!?!) of a building door

3. DO NOT, at any cost give out doggy bags.

Thought we could stay on the right side of the law if that was all there was to it up here in sunny(allegedly) queensland. All was going well till ma auntie Kathleen(with whom I have signed up for 2 weeks travelling with....ask me in 2 weeks if it was a good idea!!)portrayed a smoking jay walker eating out of a doggy bag , you had to be there, but it was pretty amusing :P

All in all, Brisbane, a luvly place to spend some time , and get better aquainted wit oor Ozzie family, and get jealous when we see their gorgeous hooses wit beautiful gardens that are constabtly set for outdoor living n eating..... Mmmmmmmmm.......

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