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One of the highlights of our stay in Thailand was to contemplate, plan and execute a trip to nearby Phuket island to check out the first ever Harry Potter film.

Our kids were both great fans and we'd read through all four books twice. So the boys knew every muggle, potion and spell almost as well as does Hermione Granger herself!

We were indeed fortunate to be joined by our friend Gary who teaches at National University of Singapore and so another bachelor become indoctrinated into H.P. frenzy!

Our day trip took us into Phuket island where we found a room and then immediately zipped over to see the film, first and foremost. We were only about 1 week after grand openings in Europe and North America.

The rest of our brief visit to Phuket could do nothing to compare with the wonders of H.P.

Upon our return to Ko Phi Phi, one of the first things we learned was that a pirated version was already out on video and showing at a local restaurant, and a couple of days later a third version was showing at our own hotel. (Almost all the local places compete for customers by offering videos of one kind or another.)

However, once the kids sat down to watch some of the other versions, they found entire scenes to be simply missing. There must be miles of tapes still in the pirates' wastebins. So the boys felt themselves ever so privileged to have seen the real McCoy in Phuket.

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