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Our RV is unhooked but sitting in the middle of the yard....

Really low tide, must get off my behind and gather a feed...

The junction of the Sow'west River and Harding's Creek. This is the...

The sun is saying "Good Night, you weary travelers, Get some well...

Two days of rain, supposed to let oup today at noon?? Hope...

Our wishes have been delivered to us!

We are so blessed that we had another opportunity to visit our beloved Texas, live with our special friends at Hatch RV Park for the winter and to finally arrive at our special corner of the world we affectionately call "Offer's Acres".

It has been quite a while since we were in contact with all. We arrived in Kingston (Monday) and the park there was not equipped with internet.

We had decided to stop at Kingston, first because our friends from Summerside, Dick and Sally, were in Kingston visiting their Grandchildren. And secondly because it made a short trip for the day. We were winding down terrifically in what we could accomplish in a day, really tired.

We had registered and when walking back to the rig in drove Dick and Sally, talk about timing. We set up and enjoyed a beer with our friends. They were not able to stay a long time but left with the plans to return the next day bringing the fixings for supper as long as I dug out the BBQ! We couldn't turn down that offer.

Tuesday morning arrived and so did Dick and Sally with a supply of Tim's coffee and Tim bits. What's going on, you were not showing until supper time? We are on our way home so supper would have to be put off. It started to rain while they were there and we said our good byes and Sally and Dick left for the Island.

Rita and I looked at each other and said "What in hell are we doing here, we want to go home!" So at about 11 pm we hooked up and left in the downpour.

This is the time that I shall apologize to all the friends and relatives that we didn't visit while in Ontario.

Verne and Sue, we wanted to drop in to see you on Saturday morning after the breakfast with Judy Burns but the timing just didn't work out because we had to rush back to Oakville for mid afternoon. We're so sorry, but I know we'll meet again. By the way Judy Burns knew who you were the minute I mentioned your names to her.

Guy and Elise, we wanted above everything to make that connection and had planned to spend several days at your home, in fact using it for a base to run back and forth to Ottawa visiting Donna Lillington (Rita's niece), Julia (Tom's niece) and Paul Woolner a cousin that we learned we had via Rita's Genealogy skills. It will have to happen in the future. It's a lame excuse, I know, but we were just too bushed.

Talking about Julia.........she is a new Mommy! This morning at approximately 3 am. Her new beauty is called Sophia Rose. And we're as proud as all out. Welcome to this, world Sophia, you were born one day after your Great Aunt Rita. Your sister was born on your Grandfather's Birthday so there should be no reason for this old bugger to remember your birthdays. I've never been able to get your Mom's down in my old brain. Julia, we love you so much!

To get back to our trip as I said we left in a downpour and it continued until we finally pulled into a rest stop somewhere between Montreal and Quebec City. It was about 7pm, I asked the trucker parked behind me how long would they leave us alone (with the sign saying 'No Camping') before they would knock on our door telling us to leave. The trucker said "Never" he'd been pulling over here for years and had not once been asked to move on. That was all we needed so we read for awhile then fell asleep waking about 5 am. We pulled out at 6 am and through rain, cloud, wind and whatever was thrown at us and arrived in Jay's driveway at 7 pm. We said hi to the family and headed straight to the house. We had time to put on the heat, cook a quick supper and literally fall in bed!

Guy, would you believe it, when I pulled into the yard I noticed the rear right tire was down. That's the one on the same side of the one we changed and found the wheel was leaking........ this wheel was leaking also! I couldn't believe it both wheels on one side were leaking. Does this mean that I should replace the other two?? Who knows.

Our day yesterday was rained out you might say. It was Rita's Birthday and she felt so rotten from the trip that she spent most of the afternoon asleep. I asked her if she felt up to going to Lotus Gardens (Chinese) to celebrate and she replied can we do it with takeout. I placed the order and tore up the driveway with the 4X4 turned on to get supper. I made it back , but just barely, I'll have a job this summer filling in the ruts.

The sun has just come out (noon) maybe we'll be dry enough to get out the lane and go to church tomorrow? We're looking forward to seeing all our good friends there.

I don't know what to add but to thank all of you who followed our trip and came along with us all winter via this TravelLog. This Log was originally designed to keep our family updated so they could let my Mom know of our where-a-bouts. Jay would print them out, enlarge everything so she could read them herself and deliver them to her on a regular basis. Mom's gone now but I know that she was along with us on our wonderful adventure too. God bless you all and hope he allows us to do the same thing again this November.

Love Y'all,

Tom and Rita.......... & HeyU, who's some glad to be back to his home.

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