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Gidget visiting with Susan's dogs, Spike & Max

Larry getting his 5 year Elks pin

We are staying at our Buena Park Elks Lodge RV spaces taking care of business (taxman, doctors). We are taking this time to visit with friends and family and spending time in our Elks Lodge catching up with everyone.

One night we joined another Elk friend, Dave, and went to play Wii Bowling at our friend Susan's house. She has two male Shih Tzu's, younger and very playful, named Spike and Max. Gidget was not sure of those two active boys but we finally got them to settle down for a photo with her in the middle.

We attended our Awards night at the lodge for Larry to get his 5 year pin. It was amazing to see how long some of the members have been Elks. There was someone there recieving his 55 year pin!

We are both catching something or having bad allergies. Mine turned into bronchitis, so a call to my doctor got me started on antibiotics to knock it down. Since we are both coughing, we're not getting much sleep. But that's what NAPS are for.

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