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PADI has a new introduction to diving course called "Bubblemakers" which is open to children 8 and older. Adrian decided to give it a try. Here are his thoughts..........

"I thought it was really fun but not at all what I was used to because you could see a lot more cool stuff like cuttlefish and squid and big jellyfish. You can actually get down and get face to face with the creatures instead of looking down over them. It was really nice to be able to breathe very easily without worrying about any water in your mouth. One thing that I didn't really like about all the equipment was that the big air tank on my back and all the weights felt like there was someone around me, like I was being crowded. I liked it quite a lot but I think I would have liked it more if I had been able to dive deeper because I was only allowed to go down about 3 meters and I was only allowed to stay down about 30 minutes. My instructor told me that there is a new kids' diving program which I will be able to do when I get back home by PADI which is called Seals which teaches you to dive. I'm really interested in trying it out.

We went diving off a boat in the middle of the ocean at a place called Shark Point. I saw about 5 very large cuttlefish and schools and schools of squid, 2 dying jellyfish that were being eaten by other fish and one trumpetfish. There are a lot of other very long fish which look like small barracudas but the trumpetfish are actually quite rare.

When we got back on the boat and my mom and dad went diving for about 45 minutes, there were only Thai crew left on board and one of them was fishing for squid with fishing line, hook and a lure but no rod! He just pulled the line in with his hands! He caught 5 squid and he tried to get us to eat one raw! Later on he showed us one very large squid about 1 meter long that he had caught earlier."

Giles, Adrian's dive instructor, was very impressed with Adrian's performance; he called him "a natural"!

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