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Here we go, the tight fit won't change though

Isn't this fun?

Bye, Bye Pandora

Sunset from Blue Aweigh in Anacortes

Cap Sante off our bow

Shell Refinery venting due to power outage

Tulip Festival

Pinks and Purples

Daffodils as far as you can see

Yeah, more

Cool old barn near the tulip fields

Boeing "Future of Flight" facility (see the bird?)

Dreamlifter delivering parts for the new 787's at Paine Field

Mt. Baker from the ski resort

Skiers at the resort

I hope to never be this guy! Lately we've had huge minus...

Ship at the end of the street struck me as odd to...

Just a neat old turn of the century house in Anacortes

Mike really hated posing for this so I had to share!

Since our return from California we have been busy with boat projects. First on the list was the replacement of our old generator with the brand new working version, “Sweet Pea”. After days of living on a boat in shambles, the task was completed without incident to the boat, to Sweet Pea or anyone’s back. We are so happy to put this chapter behind us thanks to everyone that stepped up to make it happen. We are finally comfortable heading north with our boat and gear all in working order.

We completed various small projects then realized we were about to leave Washington and decided to enjoy the sunshine that’s been blessing us daily. We rented a car for the weekend and really went far and wide to end our time here. First, we headed south to Everett for the Boeing Future of Flight gallery/factory tour. We witnessed the assembly of 747’s, 777’s and the new Dreamliner 787. Guiness book of world records calls the Everett factory the largest building in the world by volume (472 million cu. ft.) The staff ride bicycles thru the factory because the facility is cavernous, 11stories tall with 2.3 miles of tunnels. As we drove in the parking lot we witnessed the Dreamlifter which brings in parts from around the world to Paine field for the new 787’s. No cameras, phones, purses, etc. were allowed anywhere on the premises so I only have pics from outside. What an impressive place.

One evening as we were enjoying the sunset from our nice end tie I noticed to starboard the Shell Anacortes refinery , just after we lost shore power. The refinery stacks were on fire and smoking….a bit scary but as it turns out the local power provider had a power interruption which really caused havoc for hours at the refinery. Unfortunately, they must not have a backup generator system…we do!

Saturday was filled with vibrant color from the Tulip Festival. Fields of beautiful tulips and daffodils drew hundreds of people to La Conner, just south of Anacortes. I never tire of seeing these fields. The Tulip Festival/fields of La Conner was listed in the 10,000 Things to Do Before I Die book…..CHECK.

Sunday we found St. Mary’s (a lovely Byzantine church), enjoyed brunch and took a drive to the other side of Fidalgo Island/Anacortes. We found a pretty park, Washington, with a 2 mile loop and vantage points of Burrows Island and Allen Island (now owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft). I noticed a sailboat which ran aground at the harbor entrance. The owner was enjoying a book and waiting for the rising tide. He mentioned to some onlookers that he would just relax there for a while. Everyone says it’s not a matter of “if” you run aground it is “when”. I hope I will be that calm should the unfortunate happen.

Then we decided on one last thing we had yet to enjoy while in NW Washington. We wanted to see Mt. Baker up close. So we took a 2 hr. drive to investigate. It was a nice drive through meandering farmlands, a moss forest and snowy slopes. We stopped at the busy Mt. Baker ski resort and enjoyed a beer and took in the sights of the ski bums enjoying the day. Our only disappointment was that we hadn’t planned on a quick ski trip since we made the drive anyway. Live and learn. Mt. Baker appears to be a glacier. Because I was ill prepared camera wise, I took the pic with my cell phone so quality is only fair so you can’t see the crystal blue from the glacier that we enjoyed in person.

Tomorrow we leave another great town and continue northward. The first stop will be Blaine, last port of call in Washington and Vancouver, B.C. thereafter to check into Canadian customs (at least that's the plan for now). See Ya!

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