Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

My early morning vista

See the blue sky!!!

Our caravan has a fantastic view

Sara testing whether the water is cold or not

The horsehoe bay

Miranda the well heeled traveller

My Swingers

In the ruins of Trial Bay Gaol

Trial Bay Gaol

The tourist shot

The swimmers return

Beach babe!!!

Sean and Liam returning

"Mum I'm only wearing my speedos"

Returning with pizza and gazing at the stars

I woke early excited and relieved that there was blue sky with the sun smiling down with it's warm embrace.

I quietly showered and dressed before taking a couple of photos in case this was a moment to be short lived.

I then walked along the streets acknowledging folks getting their small businesses ready for the day's trade.

I came across a cafe that overlooked the ocean and cp so enjoyed a breakfast of bacon and eggs and ofcourse my compulsary latte.

When the pull of motherhood was too great to ignore I returned and found that the youngsters were still in need of feeding and washing.

With much coaxing we went to visit a local bit of history the Trial Bay Gaol. Sara was upset that the dolphins we saw the day before were making themselves seen again today. She wanted them to be only seen by her,something special to her and not seen by all the others.

The gaol was used firstly as a Public Works prison, to build a sandbar to save the many ships that were wrecked on the rocks and then to house our enemy's of state, a concentration camp. It was quite impressive how the Germans built so much within this penitentiary. They performed 56 plays,setup a bakery, a yoghurt factory to name a few.

We then headed back to the cp.

Sean took these desperate water creatures to the surf, after lunch of toasted sandwiches, whilst I read a book, the 60 minute mother. I found it entertaining and informative!!!!

On returning they showered and changed and had their spray of tropical strength aerogard perfume!!!

We strolled through the town and found Paragon Pizza and Pasta where we could not get a table, fully booked for the night, so ordered take away pizzas. Whilst waiting for the pizzas we went across the road to chemmart and bought Liam his first underarm deodorant.

He complained that they were getting smelly!!!!

We walked back to cp and noticed the stars in the sky and pointed out the big saucepan!!!!

After eating to bursting the kids went to bed and were asleep quite quickly.

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