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Saturday 18th April. Hotel Bristol delivered the goods with good bed, quiet environment, super shower and Wifi. Helped the patrons son do his maths homework (proves the brains still working). Then off to Treviso which did not have a great write up in the guide book but we were both enchanted by a lovely small town that had unfortunately been badly damaged in the war. Traditionally the houses had been covered externally in frescoes but most of these were now gone although enough sections remain to give an impression of their past glory.

The town has had several cathedrals and the present one is similar to those of Ferrara and Padua and in a lesser way St. Marks in Venice with solid rectangular columns and multiple domes. We also visited the last cathedral (14th century) now the church of San Nicolo described in the literature as gothic but not in any way similar to English gothic in that the general shape was rectangular in all three dimensions with wide arches down the sides of the building. The overall size was impressive with a square timber roof so far above our heads that no detail could be seen. The most famous part of the building is however a small room about 40 feet by 30 feet decorated with a 3 feet high ‘frieze’ of about 50 Dominican friars working at their writing desks. They represent the leading members of the order painted by one of the greatest of frescoe painters Tommaso da Modena in the late 14th century. The faces show every expression imaginable from joy to pain and passion to anger, each face is a masterpiece.

Another feature of the town is that two rivers join there and in times gone by, canals have been cut so that both a moat was created around the town and running water ran through the town via three canals. This gives it its unique flavour of small streets and water perhaps a mini Venice?

Back then to sitting in the sun and catching up on the reading.

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