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At the start of the Mogollon Rim Road (Forest Road 300)

It was closed

The Rim Road from below

At the other end of the Rim Road where we had lunch

There were trees blocking the road - that's why it's closed.

We had a nice lunch

A very nice park. The people were so friendly.

Camped at Zane Grey RV park outside of Camp Verde

A beautiful tree

Spring bloom

Real Leaves

They had a feeder for hmmingbirds

We saw a lot of hummingbirds

Green head

Red head




Tom in shorts

A wood sculpture in the "Ramada." The "Ramada" is an open place...

Tom launched in Clear Creek

The navigable part was about a football field long

Rapids upstream

A good flow

Calm water with deep holes filled with fish

Rapids at the other end


Weaving outdoors

Anne is making placemats

We liked this park, so we stayed 3 days. Besides, the weather...

We had dinner on Saturday at Babe's Bar-B-Q

Interesting decor

It was a great dinner

Of course it was chocolate

Babe's mother-in-law

Back with the leftovers

Aspen tree in the campground

It was a lovely morning on Sunday

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Hummingbirds. Watch the head change from black to red!

(Quote from Wikipedia) The Mogollon Rim (pronounced "muggy-yom by local residents) is a topographical and geological feature running across the state of Arizona. It extends approximately 200 miles (320 km) from northern Yavapai County eastward to near the border with New Mexico. The Rim is an escarpment defining the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, and along its central and most spectacular portions is characterized by high limestone and sandstone cliffs (7000 ft). It was formed by erosion and faulting, and dramatic canyons have been cut into it, including Fossil Creek Canyon, and Pine Canyon. The name Mogollon comes from Don Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón, Spanish Governor of New Mexico from 1712-1715.

We continued our quest and came to the beginning of the Rim Road (Forest Road 300). It was closed so we took a parallel route that dipped down and we could look up and see what we were missing. Very steep and high cliffs.

The road continued back up to the Mogollon Rim and we came to the other end of Forest Road 300. It too had a closed sign and a chain. It was lunch time and as we ate, a ranger drove in and opened the locked gate to escort photographers past the closed sign, but they came back very quickly. He said there were trees blocking the road only a mile away. He liked our license plate!

We found a wonderful campground, Zane Grey RV Park, near Camp Verde AZ, and decided that based on the weather and the "Holiday Weekend" (Easter) to stay put until Sunday. (Sedona has no room, very crowded and lots of crowds of holiday-ers. (When did Easter become a holiday weekend - we always thought it was holy days.) It is warmer down here, and with rain in the forecast, we decided this was better than Jerome or Sedona both of which were to get cold and miserable - not to mention significant snow up in Flagstaff. We had temps in the mid 70's on Thursday and Friday.

Tom did a little paddle in his kayak on nearby Clear Creek which had rapids and shallow water impeding a longer trip. Anne brought her loom out on the picnic table and wove in the sunshine. There were many Hummingbirds feeding and Tom made both photographs and a movie. It was amazing to see the color of the bird's head change from black to red as the angle changed. Watch the slow-motion movie! Later, after dusk, it began to rain. We hunkered down for the night.

Saturday was cold and rainy - good reason to stay put here. We had dinner at Babe's Bar-B-Q. Sunday was cloudy, but they were big puffy clouds and we set out for Flagstaff.

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