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This is my "best" and "worst" list from our time in China. -- Adrian

Best city/town: Dali, Yunnan. Worst: Luoyang, Henan.

Best restaurant: Stone Kitchen, Lijiang, Yunnan (best cheeseburger in China). Worst: restaurant on Yangtze River boat.

Best adventure: Horse trek out of Songpan, Yunnan.

Best hotel: Pujiang (Astor House) Hotel, Shanghai(huge room). Worst: Tian Xiang Hotel, Luoyang (a dump).

Best mountain climb: Tai Shan, Shandong.

Best internal transportation: Boat down Yangtze River. Worst: 9-hour bus trip from Chengdu to Songpan, Sichuan.

Best thrill: bumper cars, Dali, Yunnan.

Worst annoyance: being incessantly "hallo"'d and grabbed by admiring strangers.

Best shower: Swiss Snow Inn, Lijiang, Yunnan (like a steam room). Worst: cabin shower on Yangtze River boat (very cold with sewer smell).

Best local person: Mr. Hu #1 (and Cindy-Lou -- see website), Huang Shan, Anhui.

Best weather: Tiger-Leaping Gorge near Lijiang, Yunnan . Worst: first night of horse-trek from Songpan, Sichuan (hail, torrential rains and cold).

Best hangout: Lazy Book Cafe, Dali, Yunnan (fooseball and other games).

Best activity: 10-pin bowling, Chengdu, Yunnan. Worst: too many temples in northern China.

Best day-trip: Great Wall near Beijing. Worst: Longmen Grottoes near Luoyang, Henan (bo-ring).

Best toilet: lobby of Nanlin Hotel, Suzhou, Jiangsu. Worst: behind the internet cafe in Songpan, Sichuan.

Best internet cafe: Shanghai Central Library. Worst: Songpan, Sichuan (no heat, no speed).

Best market: Menghun, Xishuanbanna, Yunnan. Worst: Flower & Bird Market, Kunming, Yunnan (where were the birds?).

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