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Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Inside of Angkor

Carving of an Apsara dancer in Bayon Temple

Donna and I by the Smiling Buddha


Elephant Walk

Monk sitting in the Angkor Wat Temple

Monk in Angkor Wat

Ta Som Temple

Ta Som Temple

Donna and I

More trees

Angkor Wat Temple

Climbing down from the Angkor Wat Temple

Apsara Dancing

Apsara Dancing

It was an erie feeling climbing through the Angkor Wat temple by flashlight in the early morning as we headed to the best spot to watch the sun come up over the temples. You don't get a sense of how big and elaborate these temples are until the light of day begins and you are sitting there watching it all unfold in front of you. Our entire day was spent touring the many temples of Angkor. It was nothing short of amazing...the detailed carvings that still remain here and incredibly beautiful and almost magical. Despite the damaage that nature and man have done here, it remains an impressive site. Many of the temples have been or are being restored, but one remains as it was found...with trees left growing through all of the structures. This was my favorite spot next to the Angkor Wat temple itself (Tomb Raider was also filmed here...not that I have seen the film). We toured the site for the entire day and only really saw a small part of what actually is here. (Sorry, no pictures yet...the computer won't me upload them today!)

Tonight we went and saw a performance of the traditional Apsara dance. Very beautiful costumes and dancing...lots of fun!

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