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What a lovely suprise. The whole gang turned up to greet us...

Mols, Alfie and Izzy went the extra yard though!!!

Izzy's the first to notice our '28 hours on a plane aroma'.

Our last flight was pretty cool and uneventful thankfully.

Dum and Mad Sheen were there to pick us up and chauffer us back to theirs to get cleaned up and as it was mothers day the next day (which THEY are going away for - bloomin cheek!) we were all going around my sisters (Land) for some food in the evening.

So imagine our suprise when we walked through arrivals gate and found EVERYONE was there!! Both Ma and Pa's, Em's Nan and Grandad, Both her sisters, all of her nieces and nephews,........and Scott!!

It was such a nice suprise, we didn't quite know how to take it all in.

I imagine some of them didn't quite know how to take our stench in either after 22 hours of flights mixed in with an hours worth of sweat in between!!!!

It was a really nice way to end our travels (temporarily of course!).

That evening was lovely too seeing my sis and John again....and eating PROPER fish and chips!!!!

Then we finally made it back to mum and dads and collapsed to bed after what seemed like an eternity.

Moving back in to the flat tomorrow so that should be fun too!!!



Right, well that's it.

It's all over. Ok it's been "all over" for about 6 months now but my thinking was if I didn't finish the journal then technically we were still travelling. Even though I was back at my desk 3 days after we landed back in England. Yeah that was fun!!!

Anyway thank you very much for tuning in however frequently/unfrequently it was, and also a big big thank you for everyone who left messages/abuse for us on the guest book.

Spose I better get back to work now!!

Take Care my fellow journalisers!


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