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Sibari with sea and mountains

Friday 27th March. Up in the morning and off again after a walk along the front and taking a few snaps in the sun and breeze. The coast road runs, in the main, on the level on land that must have built up from deposited sand over thousands of centuries. In the main the beach was lined with camp sites and holiday villas but now and again there were small villages maybe existing on fishing and light industry. All the way though you could see the mountains not more than 5 miles away. At lunch time we stopped for a picnic near Sibari on a deserted beach by a river with the sand stretching as far as the eye could see and the snow on the mountains capping the view. Not a soul about until two locals appeared to start fishing.

After lunch, a quick visit to the local museum where they displayed artefacts from 2800 years of settlement. Many of the items were from either votive offerings or grave goods. The most interesting was a gold and silver necklace (not the right name) that had markings that looked Egyptian but was in fact Phoenician. Time then to look for a hotel, what a nightmare. It seemed every hotel for a hundred miles was closed as it was out of season. In the end we found a four star hotel, the Appia Palace, whose charge was high but looked good on the outside i.e. smart fa├žade, beautiful reception and superb public areas. It was though like so many big hotels just all fur coat and no knickers with the smallest room and smallest bed we have had in since the Campanile in France. It was a double room yet only had one chair and the shower was just big enough to turn around in. Why are small hotels so much nicer?

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