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The coastline at Shelter Cove.

The old Cape Mendicino Lighthouse, now "retired" and moved to Shelter Cove.

A sleeping baby seal, just a few hours old. Hopefully mom returned...

The adult seals were sleeping on the other side of the cove.

The sand on the beach was made up of non-volcanic black rock.

We had a nice lunch at the Victorian Inn in Ferndale.

The redwoods in Rockefeller Grove . . . .

. . . . are really tall.

This one was really old when it fell. Some of these trees...

Duane inside the burned out base of a redwood tree that continued...

17 of the 100 tallest trees are found in the Rockefeller Grove.

The Founders Tree is dedicated to three people that started the Save...

We spent a comfortable 3 nights at the RV campground at the Benbow "Resort." The campground was little more than a parking lot beside the hwy, but was neat and well tended. One day, with the weather sunny (unusual for this area) and cool, we drove to the coastal town of Shelter Cove. This is a small community of houses with a small airport, golf course and general store, at a beautiful spot at the south end of the Lost Coast. A huge new house on the bluff above the ocean was selling for under $1 million (a bargain at CA ocean front prices) because: it averages 100" of rain/yr., 3 tectonic plates meet here with numerous yearly earthquakes, it lies in the tsunami hazard area, and is 21 miles from minimal civilization. Despite the beauty, I'm not sure why anyone would buy a home here.

The next day we drove the Avenue of the Giants (redwood trees) before ending up in Ferndale, a delightful Victorian town south of Eureka. We had a great lunch at the Victorian Inn and spent time looking around the downtown and nicely restored Victorian houses. On our way back to the campground we walked through the Rockefeller and Founders Redwood Groves. We walked for about 3 miles through wonderfully serene, very tall and very old, beautiful trees.

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