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Cool little grass hoper. He facinated us for 1 hour - that's...

Bunch of Sheep

Local Leshoto village

Local person dressed for the windy and cold weather.

Local sheppard

Great view.

Man. Rikke's all over me all the time. I can't get her...

So Rikke and I are really looking to getting home and being with family and friends so it has felt a little bit like we have been waiting to leave africa the last week. That's why our trip to Leshoto was pretty cool. I mean, we kinda went there just as something to do but it turned out to be one of the better parts of the trip. Dragensburg mountains are awsome and rikke loves to see how people live interesting lives.

We rented a car again and spent one night and two days in the area. We got to the nearest guest house that is available to the South African Border. It is a 10 km hike up to the Leshoto border post from the south african one and another 7 km to the nearest village. They won't allow 2 wheel drives to go up the road cause it is so dangerous. Anyway, we got a lift up which was great but we still did like 15-20 km of walking that day.

Oh and, at the guest house they were selling chocolate cake. Kay, get this, the guest house had a little restaurent where they charged $2 for a piece to non guest house residents. If you are staying in the guest house (which we were), they would charge $1 for a piece of cake but they would have to carry the cake to the shared kitchen for guests. Fair enough. Now, if you buy the cake outright it costs $6 bucks. I'm gonna do the math here. There are 12 pieces of cake, which in the restaurant would cost $24 and in the guest house would cost $12 if you bought each piece individually but I'm getting it for $6. Jesus, for once African logic benefits me. Man, this cake was so good. I had to give Rikke some cake also but that's cool cause that left me with 8 pieces of chocolate cake. Maybe that's why the trip to Leshoto was such a success.

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