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Deerland entrance

Feeding deer

These deer nearly knocked me over


Go get it!



Tiny mouse deer

Peacock with feathers down

Feathers up!

Holding a hedgehog (I am only blinking, not drunk!)

I've got them eating out of my hand!

I don't even remember what this little thing was called




This ostrich nearly bit my hand!

Honey bear


Licking mayonaise out of my hand


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Mouse deer

(MP4 - 5.74 MB)


(MP4 - 2.05 MB)

Honey bear

These images are all from Deerland nature park. It was part of the three day nature package I purchased. Here they had many animals of various kinds. They had wild deer, all sorts of birds, differing types of mammals. Many of them I got to feed, hold, or touch.

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