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Poco lounging

Poco swimming in da pool

Poco meeting Lucy

Cory's almost invisible bay scallops

They still taste good

Coconut cream scampi soup


Lamb dinner

Hard to believe that tonight is our 4th night already. It is amazing to watch Cory and Elaine as they begin to relax. Apparently just a little bit of clear blue skies, and warm sunshine has great therapeutic qualities. On Saturday, Cory got a wee bit too much sun and looks quite Canadian, (red and white), so he is being quite cautious in the sun right now. Cory and Elaine were very excited to introduce me to Estella and Lucy, two of their favorite servers from their previous visit to the Eldorado Seaside suites. I must say I feel quite spoiled. This is quite the place. From our ocean front room, we can see the ocean, and are located fairly central to all the restaurants and bars. Having never been here before I have nothing to compare it to, but Cory and Elaine were quite excited to go to the Mi Casa restaurant last night (they took pictures of their food), {the food is absolutely the best thing about this place though the servings are 5 star - small -} and actually be able to see the menu. Apparently last time it was very dark. When I am on the king size four poster bed sitting on the daily towel ornament, I have a view of the Jacuzzi tub built for two. (I’m sure Cory could fit in too!) Separate from the sleeping area is a sitting area with a love seat and a coffee table. There is lots of marble in the suite, perhaps that is why the shower is cold and takes a while to warm up. Cory and Elaine have been sleeping and reading quite a bit. They have been catching up on all the sleep they missed before arriving. Today, we were up a wee bit earlier, and spent the morning by the spa pool. I had my first swim today, and how refreshing the water was. I am not a very good swimmer yet, so am not allowed in the water by myself. There have been a few changes at this resort since Cory and Elaine were here before. Everyday on the beach around 12:30 they have some kind of freshly made food. Elaine is quite excited because tomorrow is Taco day.

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