Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Our Marlo CP site

Another photo of the site!!!

At Cann River playground

The Chocolate milk girl


The three older ones

Liam fighting a crocodile!!!

Rhiannon showing how it is done with Miranda feeling left out!!

The two little ones

Cann River Main street...only street!!!

At Lucy's in Mallacoota

Me reading to Miranda whilst waiting for our noodles

Daddy's girl ...only 9 days till she is 8...or is it 28!!!

Mallacoota...a crayfishing town

The view from the Mallacoota CP

Mallacoota's views

We left Marlo and drove to Cann River for morning tea. The kids loved the playground and we enjoyed reading the paper with a warm sun shining down on us. We left after an hour (meant to be a twenty minute break) and drove to Mallacoota for a very late lunch. I chatted to a lady who owns a very interesting gift shop, who also has four children, all grown, and her husband who was a crayfisherman who travelled every two years for three months to different places in Australia. She and I both concurred that Robe and Richmond,Tasmania are both beautiful places and ones that we could move to.

We tried to have lunch at the bakery, closed and then at the cafe next door but they had run out of ingredients, so we went back to the original suggestion of Lucy's for rice noodles. These were delicious and I could have had seconds if only I could fit it in!!!

We then drove around the town and admired the views and how the caravans were right on the beach. This we later found out is a council owned caravan park.

We drove on and thirty kms out of Eden we realised that as the sub tank was emptied earlier that morning and we were on empty we probably or should I say Sean was to walk almost 20kms to the town of Eden.

All the kids bar Rhiannon were asleep and we were praying that we did not stall on the very steep hills. At about 15kms out of Eden we spotted our petrol mirage!!! There is a roadhouse called Kiah and it saved us !!!!

We filled up and sighed with relief especially driving on up even steeper inclines and no walkway or pulloff on the side of the road!!!

We drove through Eden and remarked how sad it is that country towns always have a huge element of riff raff and drug addicts. It is a very pretty town and had beautiful views of the ocean.

We drove on to Pambula and the kids decided that as the kangaroos were roaming the caravan park we must stay there!!!!

So after paying $90,the most expensive so far, a night we unpacked and the kids petted the roos and then changed into bathers for a quick half an hour swim before the heated pool closed at 7pm.

We were all exhausted and so we watched George Orwell's Animal Farm before going to bed.

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