driving up

Me on top of mt. etna

gondola ride up

crator that caused 2001 eruption

pritty mt. etna

Pritty mt. Etna

me on the gondola ... not to happy

Today we went up mt. etna one of the most active volcanos in the world. It was even erupting a little while we were there. At night you could see lava!!! Anyways we took our bus a little ways up and from there we had to get on a gondola like thing to go up further. The gondola thing was a little scary, but the view was beautiful. From there usually you can take jeeps further up, but for some reason they werent working so we had to be content to just climb a little and not go up much further. I was a little bummed, but it was still really fun. The mountain was beautiful and i got some lava rocks from mt etna!!!!! It was also quite cold because there was lots of snow. People were skiing down :) We also went to the crator that cased the 2001 eruption. It was a pritty big eruption, but luckily it didnt destroy any cities. Well im off to vienna tomarrow and ill keep you updated on my life here. Love you


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