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Four surfer's and the cold

Cayucos California Pier, constructed in 1865

waiting for lunch

perfect view

55 degree's in Cayucos

blue and white

looking for a friend

Duckie's fish house....while in Cayucos..good place to have lunch

Local Lighthouse

tides in for the evening

rocks and waves

a simple splash

playground for the sea lion when the tides out

beautiful sunny day in California

where's the surfers now??

different way to surf the waves






















Cayucos California, roughly 240 miles from Van Nuys, a small coastal town, by the date listed on the local pier that had been constructed, the town began around the 1860's.

The beach seems to be a wonderful place to enjoy with a family, even at the 55 degrees or so that day, the sun was still bright in the sky, a few families braved the blowing sand and the wind. We watched as a few kites were in the air, seemed to be the perfect day for such activity, the few dogs chased tennis balls that had been thrown by their owners, the surfers were waiting patiently for that perfect wave as we lingered on the pier in hopes of seeing their wishes come true. This is actually the second time that we have made this trip to this small coastal town, don't know what the attraction is to warrant a second trip, but once there we realize that the desire to walk that main street and look in different shops, have lunch at Duckie's Fish House again was worth it. Once again, we found the local people very pleasant, enjoyed talking to the many shop owners that welcomed us into their stores. My guess is that this community receives many visitors during the tourist season, the prices go up, the beach gets crowded, to find a seat at Duckie's may be hard to come by, but today the town was ours! They may not want us back as we spent very little money. As summer comes, the surf, the sun, the good food will be the call for the families to return for another year, all those folks who have a investment of a cottage or a summer home will return in a month or so and the peacefulness will once again be replaced by noisy family gatherings, where some wait for the perfect wave and some will sit and soak up the sun and enjoy those warm temperatures, the pier will be busy with those fishing and resting. There will also be those that take the walk to the end of the it, turn to walk back and see the village of Cayucos California shadowed by the mountains and met by the sea.

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