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Mosaic details on stupas in the Royal Palace enclosure Bangkok.

Detail from murals of the Ramayana, innner cloister of the Royal Palace.


The faithful making offerings to the Goddess.

Pretty too

Glimpse of enormous reclining Buddha in Wat Pho

and again...

and again!

Dawny here. Well, its finally arrived, our last day in SE Asia. And we are both so sorry to leave as have totally fallen in love with the whole region that we have visited. I can hardly believe that it has been three months.

Currently we are in Bangkok, its 37 degrees and as humid as hell. Stinky as ever. And I love it. Which is a long way from what I first thought of it when we arrived back in December. My god I hated it back then. I wanted to turn round and go home within 6 hours of getting here. And I am so glad that I didn't. Who would have thought that three months later getting back into Bangkok would feel safe, comfortable and like coming home (to a degree!).

We have finally done the tourisity sights here and the Palace and Wat Pho are truly amazing. Wat Pho houses the biggest buddha I have seen, he reclines at 46m long at 15m high at the head. And all covered in gold leaf with mother of peral inlaid panels in the feet. Unbelievably beautiful.

Went for a little jaunt last night to Pat Pong Road (the home of the live sex show) to see just what all the fuss and noise is about. Not at all what i was expecting. The souvenir market set up down the middle of the road teaming with families surprised me really. Although whilst checking out some T Shirts a nice man did come up and ask me if I wanted a "Ping Pong Show". I smiled and said no thanks. Which was incredible to him apparently. So undeterred he then produced a laminated card with a full list of other "amazing" availabilites, including some nice little drawings for me to peruse. Bit like a menu really. So I had a read. And what a resourcefull lot the Thai women are! And very flexible.

And now here I am about to head off for our flight to Delhi. And I know that three months in Asia will be no preparation for India! Am terrified and excited at the same time.

Mic here: Nearly upset the applecart leaving Sukothai. Over confident that there was plenty of time before the flight left, I ignored Dawn's pleading to hurry up. Consequently missed the only bus and had to blow 10 times as much money (300baht or 10 ozzies) on a song thaew. A bloody uncomfortable one as well. Teach me to get cocky.

Also I have to mention the airport at Sukothai. Can't remember if I have yet. It is gorgeous, like a 5 star resort. There is a ratio of 1:1 staff to travellers and nothing is too much trouble. There is a catch though. A 500baht departure tax, even on internal flights. And Dawn reckons I was cheeky this morning!

Once in Bangers we are old hands. Our 3rd time there and now it is us helping the newbies. Enter new travel buddie Rowland. No travel virgin but this is his first time in Bangkok so we show him the ropes. Now its Dawns turn to feel cocky, navigating the airport touts like an old pro and getting us all into a taxi and into the city with no "sorry meter no work" rubbish!

As it is our last hurrah in SE Asia, and the budget has been blown to kingdom come anyway, we splash out on a AU$25/night room at the Mango Lagoon in Ratchanaburi village. Change the plan again and put Delhi off another day so we can see some sites for 2 days. Royal Palace, Emerald Buddha, all wonderful. We 3 hang out at Ricks for breakfast (don't miss it, just between Ratchanaburi village and the river, its wonderful) and dinner at the Khin Lon Chom Sa Phan where we went for New Years Eve. Skytrain, river ferries, tuk tuk's, they're all old hat now and we will miss them and the wonderful commuters of Bangkok too. Bring on India!

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