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Hello all!

For your information, it's Jerome writing! I haven't contributed as much as Robin to this site so I felt I should maybe put in my two cents.

Robin and I found a pizza place with free wireless internet this week and decided to check it out today. So we loaded up our backpack with the laptops this morning, walked down to the market and hopped on a sweet old Hyundai van. We payed a guy L$10(roughly US15 cents) to find us a van and to make sure we got loaded on. Public transport is very difficult to find here so we've been paying people to get us on... saves us from having to fight other passengers. So from there, we drove about 15 km to Synkor neighborhood of Monrovia. It was roughly a 30 minute drive and it cost us L$30(US47 cents) for the both of us!

So yeah, here we are just abusing the internet! Internet is generally slow in our community's internet cafes, so this is a huge luxury for us. We get free internet and have ordered some coffees! A treat may even be an understatement.

Robin is doing well by the way. We've had a good time exploring on our own and look forward to doing some more. At this point, we really haven't left our community (it's called Pipeline community and is located in Paynesville- a suburb of Monrovia) but have enjoyed living away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Even though it's very highly populated, food is generally much cheaper and we feel we've been living like true Liberians in some aspects. We realize that the interior is a lot different and hope to make a trip to Lofa county in the coming weeks.

Last Wednesday was a holiday to honor the dead. It is called Declaration day and everyone spends the day remembering loved ones who have passed on. We visited a cemetery and talked to some people who were painting and cleaning grave sites. It is truly a family event and it was pretty neat to see and talk to the people there. We finished off the day by stopping in a hut where we were served palm wine. We met one of our motorbike drivers there and had a few cups of this sweet nectar! From there, we stopped at our friend Armstrong's and had a beer with him. Armstrong owns a cook-shack on the side of the road. Robin and I go there almost religiously for some hearty local food. We really like Armstrong as he has been going out of his way to cook us local foods as well as bring in some fruit for us. He's a pretty jovial character and I hope to keep in touch. Him and his family work their butts off to run this cook-shack of theirs. He's told me how he hopes to expand the business and has just bought a motorbike and has hired a driver to operate it.

We have completed 1 month here and are looking forward to the coming months. We've got some projects we'll be focusing on so that is something we're both looking forward to.

Anyways, enough rambling for now. We'll keep you posted with any other exciting events as they come up. Robin's putting up some more pictures so check them out. They were to go up last time but the connection was too crummy.

Jerome and Robin

Nic/Serge- can you send this to Olivier, we're looking to maybe go to cote d'ivoire and i know his GF is from there. Also, if you can send this to Oncle Pierre.

A tous les Bouffards- SVP envoyer cette page aux autres cousins, oncles, et tantes qui serrait interrese... Merci! J'espere que vous allez tous bien!

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