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As you can probably tell by the lack of pictures today wasn't a great day!!

We woke to the sound of wind and rain at around 5am this morning and then after "politely" asking some really annoying loud rude people shouting on their mobiles to be quite! we went back to sleep and re awoke at 7 am as we had our Dolphin swim booked for 8.30. As the weather wasn't looking too good, we called the "Dolphin people" and they told us to call back at 8 to see if the boat was going to go out.......and the answer was no! :( so we wont get to swim with the dolphins this time round but we are defo coming back to NZ in the near future so we will try again!

We had booked the ferry to go over to the North Island for 6.05 this evening and Picton (where the ferry goes from is about a 1.50 hour drive. We tried to kill some time looking round town and going on the Internet and we ended up deciding to leave and just hang about in Picton......which we did, we parked in a car park and watched some DVDs and then received a text from the ferry company which said the ferry was going to be delayed and gave us a new check in time. Long story short, the ferry was delayed by about an hour but the journey took a lot longer also due to the weather. The ferry was veeeeeeeery choppy! but I managed to not throw up and I we got to our camp in Wellington at around 11.30pm. So it was another Friday 13th full of delays! :s

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