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So i spent a few more days in Luang Prabang just relaxing and eating some delicious food. After that i hopped on a bus to Phonsavan to check out the mysterious Plain of Jars. Phonsavan is located in an area of the country that was heavily bombed by the Americans during the war. This became pretty evident when guesthouses and restaurants in the town were decorated with bomb shells and various other war scrap.

The next morning i set out on a tour to check out the jars. The plain of jars are basically various sites that are littered with these massive stone jars. The biggest one weighs 6 tonnes or something like that. The interesting thing about these jars is that nobody knows why they are there and what they are used for. It's almost like a stonehenge kind of thing. While you're there you have to be very careful where you walk due to the presence of UXO's (unexploded ordinaces). There are white markers which show you where you can and can't walk. The jars were definitely pretty cool, mainly because there is just so little information about them. With that being said, once you have spent 20-30 minutes walking around it gets kind of boring. If i were to do it again i would only visit one site as opposed to all three. Later on the tour we were taking to a bombed out Russian tank which was used by the Vietnamese. We also checked out some villages where people actually used war scrap to build their homes. Our tour concluded with a visit to a woman who melts down war scrap to make spoons. I purchased a few of said spoons which i was told were made from an american plane. When you use them you can really taste the freedom and imperialism... mmmmmmm.

The town of Phonsavan was pretty dingy and dusty so i wasted no time in getting the hell out of there. After the tour ended i jumped on a bus and arrived in Vang Vieng at around 10 pm.

Vang Vieng is definitely VERY touristy but there is a good reason for it. The scenery here is pretty unbelievable. The town itself is pretty much surrounded by some very unusually shaped limestone mountains and there is a ton of stuff to do besides watching friends and getting shitfaced on the Nam Song river. Yesterday was my first day here. A few of us rented bicycles to check out some of the caves around town. After cycling down paths through the forest and across rice paddies we arrived at some caves. It's pretty cool that you can just go off and explore these caves on your own. One of the caves we visited we could walk a few hundred metres through some pretty cramped spaces to arrived at a small water hole which was pretty cool. There are loads of other caves around town which i am definitely going to check out in the coming days.

This afternoon i'm going to do the tourist thing and see what the tubing is all about. The whole thing seems kind of ridiculous but i'm sure it will be a fun time. I'm going to spend 2 or 3 more days here before heading down to Vientiane to catch my flight to Hanoi.

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