Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

Pulled out of the sand, a common occurance.

One drives for hundreds of km's to see only some deserted cars...

Rikke is the only person on earth who takes a trip to...

Charlotte saving us all some cash. This was actually Rikke's idea, though...

During the entire road trip we drove something like 2500 km and nearly the entire time we were driving in desert. Our road trip also coincided with the rainy season that had some of the highest rain fall recorded in ten years - so the locals say. So, our little 2 wheel drive corrola had a tough time making it through some of the mud and sand tracks. We had to get pulled through at least two times. Was fun though.

We were sad to have our road trip come to an end. Rikke definatly was not sad to have our tent come to an end. It died the very last day we planed on useing it on this trip. The two poles snaped at the top while we were sleeping.

Oh, and in an effort to save money, we decided to stuff Charlotte in the trunk of a car as we entered a national park. Saved us 3 dollars american each. WOW.

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