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Larry and Linda


Harvey laying on the boat

When you stay in a place for more than a few days, you tend to become friends with the other “long termers”.

There’s an older couple, both with really long blond hair (like Bob tried to grow last winter). They have a very old motorhome and have come and gone several times since we’ve been here. Sounds like people have taken advantage of and ripped them off several times. Guess they’ve been around here for the past year while he has taken cancer treatment in Mexico, but he’s finally given up and they’re just waiting for him to pass away. I’ve exchanged books with them several times, and we stop to talk when we’re out on our walks. They packed up and left again a couple days ago, so we don’t know if we’ll see them again.

Harvey, Bob’s fishing buddy, looks like a regular lean, tall Texan – hat, boots and all. But he was born in Memphis, grew up in Branson and now hails from Colorado – and of course talks with a southern drawl…

Randy is retired Air Force, originally from Oklahoma. He manages campgrounds in Colorado in the summer. He’s taking over for the camp host when he leaves tomorrow, and offered to let us take over that spot (with the sewer) since he doesn’t want to bother moving. We walk occasionally with him now that Dave has gone, and Bob spends many, many hours with him and Harvey talking guy stuff.

Dave was from Minnesota. He and his late wife winter down here, but had never been in this area. We went on many walks together while he was here, and I think our friendship kept him longer than he planned to stay. He has a 90+ year old uncle in Del Rio so he may be back next year.

Jack and Cassie (the spinning wheel lady) are full timers (originally from Ohio). They have a luxurious RV, but don’t tow a car (which is very inconvenient). They’ve popped in and out of the campground a few times, and will be heading back to Ohio shortly. They have spent a number of summers in Alaska, managing a race track that was only about a mile from where we “school sat” when we were up there in 2006! So we’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing with them about all the same places we’ve been. They’re going back up this summer, and will backtrack to Arizona to pick up a car body for the people they work for to take back up to Alaska.

Jerry is the older (by that I mean in his 80’s) gentleman from Ontario who has the hand-made car and boat trailer. He has his windmill set up so it only turns on when he’s using electricity for something like his TV which takes more “juice”. So if we see it whirling around, we say “Jerry is watching TV again”. He’s got a brother and sister-in-law who are staying in a motel in town. They come out occasionally to visit, and have a little Lhaso like Weebles - so sometimes he has a playmate. His name is Oreo because he looks like an Oreo cookie, but the call him Ory for short.

Larry and Linda are from western Iowa. They have been coming here for a number of years and spend the winter here. They have the first spot coming into the campground so have the best view (although they also have all the traffic…). They’ve given us some great tips since we’ve been here, since they are “regulars” in this area.

Jack and Pat (our campground host/hostess) are from Wisconsin, but we didn’t get to know them very well. They pretty much stayed inside, and will be moving to one of the other campgrounds in the park to host, where they’ll have electric, water and sewer.

Milton (and his dog MoJo) is from Del Rio and just has his trailer and boat parked out here. They come out every few days, and sometimes he spends the night. He’s originally from New Orleans. Bob went out fishing with him once, but they didn’t catch anything.

And that’s our little “family”. And the downside of RVing because you meet people that you’d like to keep in your life, but may never see again.

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