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Saturday – down in the 60’s this weekend, and very windy. About 60 boats put out from the campground starting at 4:30 this a.m. for the fishing tournament. Only about 10 on Sunday - guess they got tired of the wind, or they weren't catching anything. The really big tournament is the 2nd weekend in March - Elite Bassmasters or something like that.

Did our weekly trip to dump, get water, do laundry, get LP and some groceries.

It's Saturday again !!! Very lazy week. Bob went out fishing and the got a couple more bass (see pic). I think we'll be moving to a different site tomorrow. The host here at the park is leaving, and the guy (Randy) taking over for him doesn't want to move, so we will probably move up there. It's up on the top row and we'd have a great view of the lake - and it comes with SEWER .... We'd still have to haul our water, but wouldn't have to mess with the toter for the rest of our stay here. We'll probably leave here after the 1st of the month and start heading across Texas and Louisiana and catch the Natches Trace Parkway in Mississippi. (Have to stay long enough for Bob to get his money's worth for his fishing license !).

Our tomato plants are struggling a little - Bob thinks he may be giving them too much water. He's also started to water them with lake water instead of out of the faucet in case there's too much chlorine or whatever...

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