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I'm getting ready to take my first dive

There I go








Today I graduated from my PADI diving course! YAY! It look four days and I'm exhausted. Alot harder then I expected. It was very challenging with underwater exercises and alot of studying and taking tests. Went on three dives so far and saw tons of really cool colorful fish along with an octopus, star fish, sea anemones, huge clams, a shellfish that you always see for sale in the shops with prints on them and a HUGE lobster! To bad I couldn't grab it and eat it. Now its time to see and explore the islands!

My days have been consumed with the dive course so I don't have many pics yet nor much to talk about. Have met some cool people from my dive class which I hung out with the other night. Went to a street party that had many different booths with all the local food. It was yummy. Been eating as much as I can at my free breakfast, skipping lunch and eating dinner. Since everything is so expensive here and I cant buy/make my own food that's what I have to do to not go broke. There is a restaurant just down the road from me that is cheaper then all the rest. It fills up really quick so one night there were tons of people waiting for a table. This older German couple noticed I was sitting alone so they asked if they could join me. Of course I invited them over, enjoyed the company. They were a very nice couple, we had great conversation and they offered me a bed when I make it to Germany.

Went out to celebrate graduating my course with an American guy named Dave I met on the dive boat. He works in Saudi and gets vacation every three months so he's not to stressed. Pretty sweet gig. We went to a buffet which was good but we were both so tired that we opted to just go to bed instead of going out.

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