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It rained all night but then the sun returned (with it's gay...

No that's not his gay friend! It's me. Being strangled by Em's...

It was crappy weather outside so we nipped into the pub for...

The 1 pint turned into a few!!!

It rained a lot last night and was pretty miseable when we woke up but cheered up a bit.

Today we plan on looking around the town and seeing what there is to do and maybe getting some stuff booked up and possibly an evening drinkee poo scenario!

We had a look around town and it's lovely, little shops and lots of bars.

Then it started to rain quite heavilly so spent most of the day on the net updating the web and looking at what we can get up to here.

We had a spot of lunch in an Irish bar! then decided to make a run for it back to camp via a pub that had a roaring fire on the go!....then we made it back to camp, had a few drinks and went back out for a few and then back on the web at around 11pm to call Ma and Pa Sheen.

We made it back home via a burger bar at around 12 ish. Matt who we travelled down the East coast of Aus is here but we couldn't get through to him on his phone tonight so hopefull we will meet up with him in the next few days.

Fingers crossed the weather is a bit better tomorrow.


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