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Em, Electron, and some scenery!

We stopped off for some lunch here.

And then did some more driving

And some more driving.....the views you got around every corner were just...

Our first attempt at a classic photo. There's 3 sticks Teepee style...

So we gave up and drove on! we tried again. This time the camera was balanced on a...

Then gave it another go. Ok but not brilliant. The 10 second...

So we gave up again!!!

.....and then found some other people at a picnic area so got...

SUCCESS!!! ish!!!!

It even makes ME look small!

The view...knee deep in the water. very refreshing!!! That's Mount Cook in...

Ahhhhhhhh. Yes it's slightly wonky and I'm bigger than Mt Cook but...

More amazing roads.

Sunset on some rocks!

Our campsite right next to town...and the mountain and the clouds it...

This place is just sooooooo cool!!!

Today we had a loooooooooooooooooooooooong drive! but never have we seen scenery like it!

Every time we drove round a corner we were mouths wide open "this is amazing!" then you drive round another corner and it just changes and goes on and on and on and it is amazing! The South Island really is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!

We made quite a few photo stops today! especially when we saw the snow capped mountains behind the piercing blue lake! it is like another world to me....I have never seen anything quite like it before!

So the 8 hour drive wasn't to bad!

We finally made it in around 8pm and just driving in to the place I knew I was going to love it (and no Ozz it had nothing to do with all the nice shops I saw!!!!). Queenstown is surrounded by alpine mountains, it has a massive lake and to me is what I imagined a ski town to look like (probably has something to do with it being a ski town in the winter!)

If you don't know about Queenstown it is extreme-ville! (I can hear you cringing from here mother Pettet!!) bungeys, skydives you name it they do it here!

So stay tuned to see what we get up too!!


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