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corobaree at Outer Newry Island

Emma is in control

View on walk around Outer Newry

Wild Orchid

another view walking around Outer Newry

Bright fungi along the edge of the track

Grace having a rest

Rocks along the waters edge

View of the bay

Tony hunting and gathering

Wendy following the blue trail on Thomas Island

lone paper flower on the ridge at Thomas Island

Bay on Goldsmith

Can you see the monkey collecting coconuts on Lindeman Island

View from Lindeman Isl walk

Lillies on the billibong Lindeman

Fruit bat watching us

View from Lindeman

Outer Newry

3rd August

Our next port of call was Outer Newry Island. This was a beautiful anchorage and like all the islands had large hills, boulders around the water line, green bush, pine trees and white beaches. We spent the next day there as well because we were due a lay day and there was another walk we wanted to do. It was a 2.8km walk around the island and was only difficult when we were going up the 80m high hills. The views were spectacular and it was well worth the effort and sore legs!

Goldsmith Island

5th August

Goldsmith was another breath taking sopt which we motored to the next day. One Island is as beautiful as the next and we anchored not far from the beach. This also looked like a promising place for a fish. We have been trolling these Qld waters and still there has been no bight from ANY fish good or bad. I thought I looked good for a squid too so armed with lures we wnet for it. I don’t need to say that we didn’t get a bite, so we gave up. Wendy and I went for a walk up the beach. We were nearly at the end when we could hear the boys and girls shouting and we could just make out the word squid. We turned on our heels and quickly headed towards them. Sure enough they we sitting under a tree and saw them in the shallows. Both Brent and Tony grabbed a rod and caught one a piece. Big ones too so we renamed the bay Squid Bay. The girls have become conservationists and are apposed to use keeping anything and were not happy when they realised that the squid would be dinner. The flip side of that is that cooked up as salt and pepper squid they were eager to have some! Go figure?

Thomas Island

6th August

The next day was a big…a huge 10nm. 0900 we were anchored at Thomas Island. The girls and I were into the school work and Tony went ashore with Brent and Wendy for an explore The girls are really working well with their school and with the lure of the beach they were finished in no time at all.

Lindeman Island

7th August

We anchored at Lindeman and were quickly ashore. We wanted to visit the coconut beach which we visited with Frank and Tracy on our delivery trip. Off we went. The girls and Tony found a couple of ripe coconuts and Tony and Brent proceeded to husk them and share the spoils. Once full of coconut we headed back to Tonic and came to a sign which pointed to Club Med. It was still early in the day so we decided to check it out. We were “bit” unprepared, the kids and Tony had no shoes and we had very little water. I did have a couple of dollars in my camera bag for an emergency (like this) for a drink or two! The round trip was 7km of up and down bush land along rocky paths complete with a couple of snakes.

Club Med was an oasis. We sauntered in there with sweaty red faces and looking a tad too close to grotty yachties. Wendy and I made “grotty yachty” look good though as we waltzed through there like we belonged and pretended not to hear the girl behind the desk ask if she could help us. We went on a search for a shop to get a drink, ice-cream or anything cold but couldn’t find one. We left not long after filling our water bottles as we were too exhausted to pretend anymore as well as the thought of having to walk back. Emma and Grace easily kept up and didn’t complain once. Love their heart. We made it back on board and once fed and watered we were all asleep, snoring the house down.

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