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Another glorious day in NZ!

We stopped off at a wool shop on the way too -...

I think this one's collar may be a little tight!!!

Me cutting some cheese for lunch.....what?!?!? No YOU"RE boring!!!

The Tui factory in.....Meipobobulary (the town isn't called this by the way)

The bar in the brewery!!!

The stage....with no one playing!!! It looks like it'll be cool when...

Yeah beer and rain!!! The beer's made Em's lips go funny though!

Aaaaaaaaand back to our journey!!!

Today we drove...and drove...and drove some more!

But before we left Taupo we decided to have a mooch around town and grab some supplies for the journey.

We also had a look in a "tourist" shop, ended up buying a couple of bits and got talking to the old man that run the shop. He asked us where we were heading and then gave us some tickets for something and said we could have them if we were interested! It was for some kind of festival thing that was being held in a brewery. It turned out we could go via this place on our way to Wellington so we thanked the man and took them! Never turn anything free down - especially when it's in a brewery!!!

We arrived at the Tui's brewery at around 2 O'clock after a long morning and arvo driving in the rain. It was tipping it down so we put our waterproofs on and headed in to see what it was all about, all we knew was on the ticket it said the Feelers and Bill and Ben were playing...!!?!

Basically the first thing we saw was hundreds of people huddled under marquees drinking cans of beer....fair enough! So we brought a couple of cans and joined them. We still didn't really know what was going on at this point so when a big group of people headed off round the corner we followed them.

Basically there was a big stage set up in the actual beer warehouse! What a genius idea!! There was food stalls outside and the people there were all sorts of ages. We waited around for a bit hoping we might hear one of the bands. Unfortunatly the bands didn't start until 6 and we didn't really have the time to wait around as we were still a bit of a drive away from Wellington.

Out of curiosity we went to enquire how much the tickets were, turns out they were $45 (about 20 quid each!) so it wasn't a bad freebee!

We carried on down to Wellington and by the time we got there it was about 6 or 7 or maybe 8, can't remember! It had just stopped raining so we made some dinner and as decided to head in to town tomorrow as we were about a 10 minute drive away in Lower Hutt.

A long wet day but glad we went to the festival! It was random and free......just how we like it!!


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