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Not our ferry we must've looked pretty much the same but going...

A hoody having a kip

My 20 minutes sleep!!!

Em struggles to pose in the wind!!

My weight comes in handy in that respect!!

It was really pretty scenery on the way in...just like the Isle...

Where the ferry goes. It starts off at Wellers on the right,...

Catching some rays on the sun deck

Looking back whilst docking at Picton

Our journey begins on the South Island. The sea was a bit...

See!! What's that all about!!

It reminded us of the Great Ocean Road a bit.

But the scenery here was simply in a different league!

Parked up on the side of the road cos we spotted some...

Aaaaaaand then we spotted the sign!!!!

Some seals having a bit of a snooze and paddle

2 seals hanging out on the rocks. All of the next comments...

Aaand some more seals avin a right larf!!

If I was a seal..........

Anyway you get the picture!! Bye Bye Mr seal!!!

Fur your information.

We were up at 6am today as we had to get the 8.25am ferry (over to the South Island) so we had to leave by 7am.

Luckily Spurs dragged the fricking loss against Man U in the final out till about 6.45am so I had a whopping 15 minutes to get cleaned and packed up!

The ferry was nice and everything.

It took about 3 hours to get across and some of the scenery that we sailed past/through was pretty sweet too.

When we arrived we worked out that we were going to drive down to Kaikora (about 3 hours) as we wanted to swim with some dolphins tomorrow and this is the place to 'do' it!!

However, it turns out that you have to book WAY IN ADVANCE so instead of stying here for a week and then doing it, we decided to drive all the way down to Christchurch today and catch Kaikora and them pesky dolphins on the way back up in a weeks time!

The drive ended up being about 7-8 hours long in the end (a total journey time of about 13 hours in total!).

We spotted some seals on the way and watched them for a bit, and some of the scenery was rediculous. Australia or even the North Island have nothing on this!!!

Anyway we found a camp site in Christchurch and then pretty much had some fud and then crashed after that.

We are both very excited about the South Island already already!!!


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