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A view of Wellington from our campsite in Lower Hutt

Em at the water side in Wellers

Some bmx/mountain bike/and UNICYCLE people jumping over the rocks!

It was VERY windy!!!!

Random photo's in the cinema!

This is for Land & John! (I think they frequented this pub...

A nutbag street entertainer

We saw the Wellington Air Ambulance after this.

The classy toilets in the cinema!!! Too much?!?!? Mehhhh

So today we had a bit of a wander around Wellington.

Not knowing too much about it except that a) The world premiere of the 3rd Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was held here (we have been reminded several times of this whilst in New Zealand, and b) The Haka performed by the New Zealand Rugby Team is that of a Mauri tribe originating in Wellington, our minds were open.

We drove the 10 minutes from our Camp site into Wellington when all of a sudden it dawned on's Sunday!!!

Then we proceeded to drive around the CBD looking for anything open!!!

We did find a few shops (and a parking space eventually!) but it did have a bit of Liverpool Street at the weekend about it - i.e. pretty empty!

So we decided to head for the i-site (information shop) to see what we could do.

We found a tour on those standy-up electro-scooter type things which looked a laugh but unfortunately it was cancelled that day so we just had a bit more of a wander around instead.

It was a nice day, windy but nice, and we found some music and stalls in a little square. It all looked nice and everyone seemed happy.........a bit too happy!!!

Oh crap Em we've done it again!!!

Yes, we'd stumbled into a little gay festival the 1 day we were in Wellington!!!!

We stayed for all of 3 seconds and then legged it!!!

We then found the 'famous' cinema which had held the LOTR premiere and decided to book tickets for Slumdog Millionaire that evening.

From here we found a really cool cafe/coffee shop thing called Espressoholic or something and then found the main streets with shops down that were really cool and mucho busyo!!

We caught a bite to eat then headed on back to camp for a bit before we came back to watch the film in the evening.

The cinema was pretty classy. We had leather seats and you could take your beer in with you!!!

Anyway, the film was really cool (if you haven't seen it) but having experienced India and some of the slums - it's not quite as much fun as they make it out to be!!!

Anyway we got back to camp at about 11pm.

Our campsite has a TV room with Sky so I'm gonna stay up to watch 4am!!!!

We really really like Wellington already.


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