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As a language buff, I well appreciate efforts by Chinese to learn such a difficult foreign language as ours.

We do, however, often get kicks out of reading English signs here that haven't been properly translated. After a month or so, I started jotting them down when truly worth recalling.

Here's a small sampling of actual signs:

At a former merchant's mansion in Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu:

"Visit Notice:

1. Please live up to step on the floor in proper order and show the ticket consciously. Each batch limit 150 people.

2. The civilization is visited while lasting hygiene while not throwing out everywhere the peel without care and spit. No smoking and loud confused noise.


5. Use and or produce media program advertisement's equipment does not undergo to permit not bring carried and visited upstairs."


On a Freeway-brand moped in Suzhou, Jiangsu:

"Specializing in noble model street bike for noble life."


On a restaurant in Suzhou:

"A First-Rat Restaurant in Fine-Foo Syreet"


On a hair salon in Shanghai:

"...We design fashionable hairstyle and provide titivatings and sculptings."


On a large highway sign entering a suburb of Chengdu, Sichuan:

"Cheng Du Satellite Town -

Pi Xia Lets You Forget Back"


Given my background in law, I am always interested in the legal standards here. Sign in the Bund Sightseeing Area of Shanghai:

"...2. Any person or organization visiting the Bund shall consciensciously observe the law, maintain good manners, follow social order and abide by social morals.

...5. Any activity or action against social order or repugnant to the eye is prohibited."

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