Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

MAN the dessert is amazing

Morning exercise (getting up at 4 am must be considered retarded)

Maciej finally reaching the top of something :)

OK, we were bored there for a moment

Showing Charlotte how to jump (or the opposite)

Dead trees


Rikke and I finally got our wish of renting a car. We tried as much as possible to get a discount at the car rental place but they would not give us one. BUT, 10 minutes after leaving the place they called us and said the car they gave us was sold to someone so we had to return it. Needless to say, we were not going to return the vehicle without a discount, so in the end we got one.

Made it to Soussosvlei desert later that day, home to the oldest desert and the largest sand dunes in the world. Very difficult to describe it. I speak only for myself (Maciej) but the Namib Desert has been the highlight of this trip (apart from learning danish). I can't understand how these 350 meter red sand dunes exist and how they just keep going endlessly until they hit the ocean. It is an incredible place/sight to experience.

We got up at 4 am to make it to the dunes in the morning. It was well worth it cause the entire morning we spent just playing around in the sand and taking in the experience.

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