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John, John Jr. and Jessica in La Conner

Our dock was filled with smelt derby fishermen for a tournament

Town turkeys in La Conner, they are protected and are standing in...

One last pic from the La Conner quilting museum of an amazing...

Chuckanut Drive

Yes we can! (I hope)

The approach to Deception Pass

Yeah, I did Deception.

Just one of the small whirpools that surrounded us

Then we were treated to the beautiful Olympic mountains.

Guess I had a little too much fun in Whistler and wore myself down. I now have a cold that just won't go away. It is day 6 and still not feeling lots better. So, this post may be a bit less than inspiring but here goes.

Just a couple of days ago we got another 2" of snow in La Conner which covered Mt.Baker and the nearby Olympics and yes, we hear a foot of snow in Whistler. So, a little drive was in order to get rid of the cabin fever I was developing. Tourist rags talked about taking a 20 mile drive on Chuckanut so off we went. It did not disappoint. It meandered along the edge of the sound and ended in a cute little town. The snow covered trees were a feast for the eyes. Never got out of the car but enjoyed the stimulation.

We decided to leave La Conner yesterday and get some new visuals going. After all, I did find 5 of the 7 town turkeys wandering the streets so there were no more highligts to be found. After about 7 - 10 days we gotta change up the scenery. So, after some careful route planning we decided to take on Deception Pass. Now we both have wanted to make this pass since we first drove over it some months ago but the marina in La Conner is situated on the Swinomish river which is half way to Anacortes and half way down the "chicken run" which in my mind left our options open. But no, Mike would have none of that. I also wanted to but would have probably accepted the easier, safer route except for my sweetheart's assurances. Mike timed the crossing under the La Conner rainbow bridge once more (yeah, still looked like we would hit)and timed Deception Pass at slack tide. Some of you may say, huh? Slack tide in our case is a concern for current speed (speed of passing water). At slack we can power against it more easily. Power boats are less concerned as they can travel much faster. The big deal about Deception and other passes up here is that there can be whirlpools and swirling water and rushing current so strong that our 7kts of power can't beat or can cause loss of rudder/steerage for more danger and yes, excitement. So we waited just outside the swirling currents until 11:33 a.m. to pass. The result was uneventful. As anitclimatic as that sounds, it was the goal.

We made way to the west and have settled in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, the first of our travels through the many islands. It may be just a few days here before we shove off once again for one of the many San Juan islands off the coast of Washington. Ciao!

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