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The mountains range we are headed for

Sites along the way


This saguaro was real confused

Beautiful little canyons throughout the Superstition Mountains


Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake

Tortilla Flats Campground

This will eventually become a dirt road


A Century plant spent bloom

Yup, there are rattle snakes

Great geology



The road to Apache Lake

Prickly Pear

Narrow dirt roads

This is a guard rail!

Apache Lake in the distance

Apache Lake

Lots of poppys

Another great guard rail

Lots of arms

Do not cross when flooded

Moves pretty good


Very popular

Old saddle

What remains

Metal sculpture

Yosemite Sam

Another old town closer to Apache Junction

Great place to visit

Great sculpture

Old railroad station

Last sunset at Usery

Our last night around the fire

Hey Len, she's on my lap!

A must see is Tortilla Flats. So we headed out about 9 a.m. to Hwy 88. Back in the day gold was found and so was the little community of Tortilla Flats. Today it is a restaurant with great food and a few residents to maintain the buildings. There is a campground, Tortilla Flats Campground, with water and sewer (no electric) for $6 per night and you can stay as long as you like. We talked to one guy that had been there since October. We hope to try this place sometime in the future whenever we visit this area again. The campground is located in a small canyon near a nice little stream.

There are three main bodies of water, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and Roosevelt Reservoir/Dam. They are all connected but not navigable from one to the other. Canyon Lake is the closest lake to a major town. The others are accessed by traveling narrow and steep dirt roads. After eating a lot of dust and trying not to be too nervous we travelled all the way to Apache Lake on the Gold Wing. These roads and the Gold Wing were not made for each other. Some areas were very 'wash boarded' making it necessary for J.C. to really grip the handle bars. It takes a lot of concentration to ride on these kind of roads. As always, we were glad to have made the trip but I don't think we would do it again.

We got back to Usery about 2 p.m. J.C. started packing up and I worked with Len on making some business cards. Len has a new Mac and is coming up to speed on how to make the most of it.

Len had taken his rig out of storage a couple of days ago and parked it at Usery. His daughter is coming to visit next week and wanted a place to relax. Len and Nancy invited us to their campsite for dinner and a farewell campfire. Dinner was yummy. Nancy is a great cook. She has shared a number tricks and recipes.

The sunset was more beautiful than ever. We regrettably needed to call it an early night. We have an early appointment with a repair shop tomorrow.

This has been a wonderful couple of weeks and I wish we could stay longer. We need to move along to be able to be in Tennessee by the last week of May.

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