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View from the Webster's backyard

Real pretty Bottlebrush

Fighting hummingbirds

Find the hummingbird in the bush

Len is a great photographer

Duster poses for me

Maggie was not so cooperative

Kicking back after dinner

Same backyard view closer to sunset

Monday was day 10 and time to dump our sewer. This was the longest we have gone without sewer hookup. We are not experienced boondockers so I consider this pretty good for us. We will get better at it with time. When we got ourselves back in our site and unpacked, we headed for Nancy's for lunch and a hike. We needed to take care of Clyde at the vets at 3 p.m. This was a very sad day in our lives and I really appreciate the kindness and support Len and Nancy extended to J.C. and me.

Tuesday, Nancy and I got a much needed pedicure. We both had errands and shopping to take care. J.C. and Len had computer, wireless base station and networking stuff to work on.

Wednesday, I went for a hair cut and a perm. Hikes, it is way too curly...oh well it will grow out. In the late afternoon, we headed for Apache Junction to Bev and Jim Webster's house for a BBQ. Len and Nancy were there too. It was a really nice evening. We will be leaving on Friday and I realize I am really going to miss our new friends. February has been quite a month.

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