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Tues 2/24/09 thru Friday 2/27/09

Went out to eat Monday night with Randy and Dave, 2 other campers here at the park. Since it was a Monday, we ended up going to 3 places before we found one open! We indulged in some “deep fried green nightcrawlers” and they were very good.

A gentleman from Canada is parked next to us, and has all kinds of solar and wind generated gizmos on his older RV, plus a “double decker” trailer that carries his car on the bottom and his boat on the top !!! Bob is fascinated… After he takes his car off, he can lower the top part so he can then put his boat in the water.

Bob finally caught some fish !!! He went out with another guy in the park and they caught 5-6 big sized bass. There’s a huge bass tournament here this weekend.

I went to town and walked around the local mall before I picked Weebles up from the groomer. Quite a few closed stores in there. There were 2 open shops with fancy dresses (which is what a lot of the Mexican people like to wear for their celebrations).

Weather has been in the 90’s the past couple days, so we changed our minds about going farther south – the place we were going is usually 10 degrees hotter, and we don’t know if we could handle that…

Went to a local hole-in-the-wall BBQ place Thursday night, and it was super good. Picked up some ice cream on the way home – since we’re taking a break from the big diet!

Also some pics of the hundreds of birds on the ground when Randy feeds them.

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