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Okay, so Josh and I went our separate ways yesterday, him back to Australia, and me off to Thailand. After a relaxing morning, and a few beers in the afternoon, I headed off after a few tears to catch a ferry to Satun, in the south west of Thailand. The trip went very smoothly until we arrived in Satun, where it appeared the dock wasn't designed for such a small vessel as ours (only two rows of two seats, with an isle down the middle) and we had to climb up a ladder through the service exit to get out... which was quite a trip with a 15 kilogram backpack!

Another surprise awaited me at the port. Thailand has changed it's visa rules so those travellers arriving at a land crossing are only given a 15 day visa, with no possibility of extending it. You must leave the country and re-enter in order to get another 15 days! A couple of British women who were there told me it's possible to do day trips to Burma from Phi Phi Island just for that purpose, so that should be an interesting little side trip!

In exiting the ferry port, it appeared the only form of transport available to take me to my hostel was a motorbike, which the Thais around insisted would be fine, even with my backpack on my back, and my day pack and handbag in front... hmm, i wasn't too keen on that, especially as the British women had fallen off a scooter earlier in the day and hurt themselves quite badly! Just when I was getting desperate, a covered over ute turned up, and I gratefully clambered into that, phew!

Satun as expected, was a small rural town with nothing much happening in it aside from a night market, so I headed to a cafe a couple of doors down from my accommodation and bumped into a couple of French guys, who I hung out with and had dinner with at the night market. All in all, a pretty pleasant way to spend the evening! Unfortunately my room was stinking hot, with only a fan, and a squat toilet, which really is quite a traumatising experience to use! lol But the bed was clean, if as hard as the concrete floor of my room, so I managed to get some sleep!

This morning I headed straight out to Hat Yai, a larger town further north east. There is nothing to do here either except shop, which I don't have the finances to do, so I'm off to Krabi and Phi Phi Island tomorrow, for a bit more of a touristy experience, lol.

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