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To quote from Gandhi, "I am writing this at the Cape, in front of the sea, where three waters meet and furnish a sight unequaled in the world"

Kanniyakumari is the southernmost tip of India and the point where the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea all meet. This is a major place of pilgrimage, with Indians travelling from all over the country to bathe themselves in the water here and to witness the sunrise and sunset. As it was a weekend it was especially busy, so there was a real atmosphere about the town - almost a sense of celebration with music blaring in the streets all day long.

I really like it here and so with jasmine flowers in my hair allowed myself to get caught up in the atmosphere and join the early morning procession to the beach. The sunrise is really special as there are just thousands of people all heading out in the dark, all with the same purpose. The hotel I stayed at even offers a wake-up call to all guests - banging your door with shouts of "sunrise, sunrise". No lie-ins here.

There is a memorial to Vivekananda here (a wandering monk and man of wise words), out on two rocks just off the coast. If you can stand queuing for a long, long, long time then it is worth the little ferry journey across. Vivekananda used to come out to these rocks to meditate and now inside one of the memorials is a little meditation room that is open to all to use. A simple darkened room, with a golden ohm, plus the gentle soundof ohm being chanted over and over. I haven't dabbled with meditation much, but sitting here for ten or fifteen minutes you can really feel your mind begin to relax and quieten. Finding quiet like this in India is quite rare, so always good to take the opportunity if it is presented.

Palm Reading - For the small sum of 20 rupees I had my palm read. Not a lot of intuition or psyhic powers used here, but quite amusing all the same. First of all he informed me that I am very successful and have lots of money and that I will travel far (not a bad guess for a Westerner travelling in India). I will also have a very long and healthy life and live until I am 85. I will marry a man who will not be from my homeland and will have something to do with snakes. He kept mentioning a cobra in relation to my husband so I can only assume that maybe I am to marry a snake charmer perhaps. Not quite what I had imagined for myself but I will keep an open mind!

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