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10 layers and I`m still not warm!!

The deserted town of Uyuni. Gateway to the salt flats.

The Salt Flats. Another world. It´s 6.30 am,18 degrees below, but the...

"Quick - do something funny!" er........

The Green Lagoon - Amazing eh? The volcanoe in the background is...

Sam & Pedro naked in the desert!!!!!! (sam on right, not clenching!!)

The scales of Ange!

This was by far one of the best things we have done so far in our journey.. The tour consisted of a 16 hour bus journey to a place Uyuni, now this bus journey was horrendous! Our window was broken, we didn`t have sleeping bags and -10 winds were blowing in onto us, I dont think I`ve ever been so cold in my life. The roads are all in the desert so it`s really bumpy and even after taking 5 mg Valium we could not sleep! Hey ho, it was all worth it in the end..... We arrived at in Uyuni (a strangely nice town which looks like something out of a country and western) and met our guide and driver Pedro, a lovely old geezer who spoke only Spanish...we hopped in the jeep to set of on our adverture. It was truely amazing, none of us realised how spectacular and varied the landscape in Bolivia was. We drove through vast deserts spotted with black volcanic rocks, surrounded by multi-coloured mountains (greens, blues and reds!). First stop was the Locomotive Graveyard which was full of very rusty old trains (some dating back to 1870) in the middle of the desert - very strange.... Next onto huge lagoons, the first of which was white, next to one which was a brilliant aqua green then onto the most amazing of all, the red lagoon full of pink flamego´s! We visited huge geezers gushing with hot steam and drove onto some hot springs where we sat on a mountain and had our brekkie cooked after a quick dip in the springs. Then we headed onto some weird and wonderful rocks which we inhabited by very cute rabbit like creatures. Then more lagoons followed by a visit to the bottom of an active volano of which one side was Bolivia and the other was Chili (not sure where the border check was!). The the final day we got up early and drive onto Salar de Uyuni - the biggest and higgest salt flat in the world. We watched the most beautiful sunrise any of us have ever seen and drove to a bizzare island (Isla Pescado) in the middle of the flats which was covered in giant cactus! After some nude photography in the middle of the flats (Sam not me) we drove to see the Salt Hotel, and then onto the eyes of the flats, a group of strange bubbling puddles and then to a salt processing plant where each 5k´gs of salt earns only 1 Boliviano (the equivalent of around 5pence)...... The evenings were spent staying in remote hostel type places, getting drunk on Rum (purely medicinal to keep out the cold dont you know), huddling round fires (and sometimes candles) and playing cards...... It`s really hard to put into words how fantastic the scenery was on this trip and although we were really cold most of the time (numb feet for 4 days starts to get kinda painful), and none of the places we stayed had hot water (except this last night) it was, the best thing we`ve done yet on our travels! Do have a read up on the Salt Flats, one interesting fact is that there were acutally 11 lakes on the site on top of each other at different times, each layer being around 7km´s deep! We`re going to add photo`s in the next few days and hopefully the pictures may go some way to showing how beautiful the place is.......................... So now, after another horrific bus journey we`re back in La Paz and planning the next part of our journey which we will probably be to Lake Titicaca and Peru.

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