Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Tamar Island

Kids running ahead

Tamar island

Rhiannon, Sara and Liam

Evandale campsite

The main street of Perth

Perth Pharmacy and Cafe

John Glover at Evandale....he is renowned as a landscape artist!!

Running down the street of Evandale

Our outlook ...this is where the largest weekend country market in Tasmania...


Big beautiful trees

Again I was the last to get out of bed....feeling very lazy.....

We then packed and left Ulverstone and drove through Frankford and then had lunch at Exeter. Today is the Launceston Cup and we saw many dressed leaving the town and many others talking about it....

We then drove on to Tamar Island walk. Miranda was asleep so Sean took the others for a two kilometre walk with a guide. Miranda woke up and she and I just played and sang songs...Mama Mia was one!!!

We then went on through Launceston and to Perth....it's main street is small and not much to note except for the pharmacy which had a cafe and beauticians as part of it's business...how fantastic. I also was informed that in Tasmania some pharmacies have animals in it!!!

We then drove on to Evandale and are staying in a 24hr free camping spot that is absolutely gorgeous ....we walked to the main street and did some shopping for provisions...there is a cafe owned by a french couple...there is also a boutique attached to it so may have to get up early to check it out.

Had fried rice with garlic lemon chicken ...very nice if I say so myself. The kids played basketball or should I say shot hoops!!

This place is known for it's art (John Glover Art Prize and exhibition), national penny farthing championship race and a beautiful mansion ....Clarendon Homestead(c1838). Unfortunately we are not here for the Sunday country market the largest one in the state.

I do like the feel of this town....seems very welcoming, immaculately kept and quaint with the old buildings and large properties with green scultured gardens....not like the country towns in WA.

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