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One of the Geezas erupting! ....saves us 20 bucks actually going in...


I want to ride my Bicycle...I want to ride my biiiiiike

On yer bike (sure we done that one on the last bike...

Boiling hot mud pool.....don't want to be falling in to that!

View from where I got lost while trying to find some of...

That's me using the Universal code for "I'm on a hill in...

It was A LOT steeper than it looks!!

That's pretty impressive seeing as he had to come down the hill...

Bike-tastic. Oooops I forgot to give the spare tire back!!!

OOGY BOOGIE! The entrance to Hells Gate

Why do I always have to put my head in these things!

You just do Emma, you juuuuuuuuuuuuust do!!!!

It all began when...bla bla blaaaaaa (this is what happens in my...

Oooohhh bubbley!

It all started to get a bit steamy!

Oh he really couldn't stand the smell! I figured out that sulphar...

The worlds largest hot water fall

Oh ok largest in the Southern Hemisphere.....still pretty impressive though!

As happy as the proverbial pigs in, erm,.......mud!

Muddy brilliant

I tricked Emma - It was actually cement!!!!

The cold shower part didn't go down quite so well!

The sulphar pool!

The sulphar seems to have made my right eye go crazy!

Today we headed for the Redwood Forest for a spot of mountain biking as we popped in yesterday and there was a group of about 30 kids getting kitted up by the one woman that seemed to be running the place ............Of course there was another 30 kids there again today! how's that for timing!

It didn't take too long for them to get going and we got our bikes and maps etc and went off in to the forest.

Ozz was up for a bit more of a challenge than me so we done the easy loop together first then I went to hang out back at camp spaceship ready for his triumphant return....although my bike-athon didn't last too long as I came flying off in to a pool of mud pretty much straight away! (stop laughing!) I got back on and carried on for a bit but seeing as my ego and my little finger and bum was badly bruised....I went back to the van and Ozz went on to do some extreme stuff which I will let him tell you about now! (after he has finished his skype call to Foxtons!!!)

F%@king Foxtons man!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.............)

Ok the mountain biking was wicked!

I got lost a bit at the start but eventually found some really cool grade 3 & 4 tracks in the end.

I didn't want to leave but alas I had to give the bike back, and Em wanted to go to the Hells Gate Mud Pool and Sulphar Spa to ease our bumps and bruises!

It was really wierd at Hells Gate. You can completely see how the place got it's name.

The sulphar pools around the place looked completely like 'Hell' or at least a James Bond Baddies place! It was wierd but amazing.


It didn't seem to bother Em that much but I was continually wretching at the sulphar smell!

Alanda came here about a month ago and said the same thing so I suspect it's just a 'ginger' thing!

Sulphar is our Cryptonite!

Anyway after a very hurried tour around the Sulphar pools we went and had our mud bath (which was nice...and muddy!) and then a Sulphar Spa. It was sooo relaxing and pampering, however in the end I think even Em was feeling a bit queezy with the nautious Sulphar smell!

Very relaxed and smelly, that night we had some fud then drifted off to sleep.


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